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Club Name Change!

Over the past 12 months, the landscape of the club has been changing rapidly; starting with a new committee in June 2023 with a fresh enthusiasm to bring the club back into the local community. In August we transitioned to a brand-new badge which highlights our founding year ‘1989’, as well as a plane, which remembers our long history and partnerships with Flight Refuelling and Cobham. 


Then in September, we moved to an improved kit provider in Senyek, who have been superb with all aspects of our requirements. Half of the club moved over to our enhanced Royal Blue kit, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, enabling us to invest in better equipment and more time for teams at all weather pitches for winter training. 


Now after our first season as custodians of your club, it’s time to officially announce the next stage in our development! The club has now officially changed its name to

Merley Football Club!


Earlier this year, myself and Chris at Cobham Sports discussed the future of the two clubs, and for several reasons, we agreed that a double name change would be a positive move for everyone. From Merley Cobham Sports FC, we agreed that we would take the ‘Merley’ (now Merley FC), and they would keep the ‘Cobham Sports’ (now Cobham Sports FC).


I would like to thank Chris and his team at Cobham for all their support over the years, and we look forward to continuing our partnership, as we still plan on holding events at Cobham and our Ladies utilise the facilities wherever possible. 


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