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Welcome to the Merley FC Sign-On Page! 


To complete the Sign-On process, you will need to:

1. Complete all Mandatory Fields (Highlighted in Yellow)

2. Complete all Non-Mandatory Fields where possible (Highlighted in Purple)

3. Provide Photo Identification (Passport or Birth Certificate)

4. Provide 'Passport Style' Photo (Head and Shoulders with clear background)

5. Click 'Submit Sign-On' and ensure it states "Your content has been submitted". 

Secondary Parent / Guardian Information:

Upload Passport or Birth Certificate Here:

Upload Here!

Upload Head and Shoulders Photo Here:

...and not a bottle of Head and Shoulders Shampoo! :-)

Please Remember To:

1. Upload a 'Brand New' photo for this

season (the FA reject old photos)

2. Ensure the photo has a clear background to prevent FA rejection (see example below):

Upload Here!
IMG_3718 (2).jpg


Please confirm if you are happy for your child's photo to be taken and used for publicity purposes, in line with Child Welfare Guidelines.


Please confirm that you have read the Code of Conduct, Registration Details and Privacy Settings which are detailed below.


Would you consider being a volunteer for the club and help us with events or coaching?


Select your kit size below and using the size chart here. Please note that kits are one size for both tops and shorts (e.g., a Large shirt comes automatically with Large shorts).

Please ensure you have the size correct above, as all Match and Training kits are printed and therefore can't be returned due to an incorrect size selection. 




Have you joined our Merley FC Community WhatsApp Group? We highly encourage everyone that has WhatsApp to join our group!

It's a 'Read Only' group, so all notifications will be important information, key dates and news about Merley FC direct to your phones!

If you haven't click 'Join Here' below.

Missing Information. Try Again

Thanks For Submitting!


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

By completing this membership application, you are agreeing to the following:

Membership Registration:

1. Your membership to the club will only be deemed complete when both the membership form is submitted online, and when a subsequent 1st Season Payment is collected. Each season's fees are typically decided on an annual basis, however could be subject to change at any time. 

2. Payments are taken to cover operational costs (e.g. insurances, league entry, line marking, kit / equipment, training and events). All remaining monies are invested back into the club's future.

3. All individuals who want to train with the club or play matches are required to sign-on as per #1 above, however this does not guarantee a starting place in matches at any time or age level.  

4. All individuals that are playing matches, will be issued with a football kit on loan from the club. In the event that an individual leaves the club (in any circumstances), the football kit must be returned to a member of the club within 14 days. If you do not adhere to this requirement, the club reserves the right to charge you a fixed penalty fee of £50 per kit for a replacement.

5. All players must wear the correct kit for matches and training, as specified by the club. Depending on the conditions, suitable thermals and other under gear should be worn underneath. 

6. Membership is valid up until the clubs AGM each year. After the AGM closes, you will need to re-submit a new membership registration prior to the deadline set out by the club. Individuals will not be able to play or train after this deadline without a new registration and #4 above will come into force.


1. In the event that your child is injured whilst playing football and/or traveling to and from football events (and if you cannot be contacted on the contacts provided), you are hereby giving your consent for your child to receive medical attention (which is above and beyond minor injuries treated on the sidelines). 

2. If you select 'Yes' to photo consent, you are agreeing to the club being able to use your child's image on social media (either photo or video) - this does not prevent the club from taking photo's and video's throughout the year and some may be utilised in private settings (such as the Presentation Day). In terms of social media, these images will only be used to promote the positive family environment that the club continues to create. Photo's and / or video's will be strictly in line with Child Welfare Guidelines.

3. If you have any safeguarding concerns, you can report them to the club's Welfare Officer, which can be found in the contacts section of the website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

1. The club will store your data obtained through the membership registration, for no more than 48 hours after the club's AGM. The data is held privately, but can be shared with our managers and coaches, in order for them to understand individual needs and have access to parent / guardian contact information. No information is sold or distributed to eternal vendors or websites, except where we are required to provide information to the Football Association (FA) via their Whole Game System.

2. The club use the FA Whole Game registration system protected by National Guidelines. The club input into this system and it is reviewed each year. Should your child not re-register the following season then this will be deleted. Once they reach adult football these details will also be deleted. Photographs are required for Dorset League football players and are included on a summary sheet to provide integrity to the legal playing process and again will be deleted at the end of each season. 

Code of Conduct:

As a community club, we pride ourselves on the following values:






This Code of Conduct has been written in conjunction with Football Association guidance and further represents the values of our club. By completing the membership registration, you are agreeing that you, your child and your child will adhere to our code and values. We ask that you independently discuss this code of conduct and our values with your child. 


Trust is the belief that someone is good, honest and will not harm you; something or someone that is safe and reliable. Trust is vital in all aspects of life and is an essential quality to have in sport.

1.  Coaches, managers and committee members will make decisions throughout the season based on several factors which at times may not always be clear. It is important that these individuals receive your full trust at all times. If you require additional information, please contact them directly in private, away from any active training sessions, matches or events.

2. Whilst we encourage all players to be creative and have confidence, it is also important to trust your teammates who may be in a better position, if it helps the whole team. All players are valuable and we should trust and encourage each other throughout the season to achieve our goals.


3. Inform your coach or manager if you have any injuries either prior to, during or at the end of training sessions or matches. Your coach or manager might have to create a plan for your injury.


Learning is the process of taking in information that when mixed with experience can changes what we know and build on what we can do. The club encourages all forms of learning for everyone involved in the game, including players, managers, coaches, committee members, parents and spectators.

1. Players must make every effort to listen to their coaches and managers in all settings.


2. Understand that making mistakes is a critical part of everyone's learning and no one within or outside the club should be criticised or harassed for making mistakes. The club have ZERO tolerance on this.

3. The club will always look to ensure that every player has the same level of learning - this includes learning the technical aspects of our game, as well as our values. In return, we ask that all players remain engaged and continue to want to learn throughout their time at the club.


Respect is accepting individuals for who they are, even when they're different from you or you don't agree with them. Value each other's feelings and remain kind, courteous and polite.


1. Think before you speak and consider your language, tone and the individuals that are around you. Do not use abusive language and do not act disruptive or violent.


2. Always arrive on time and have the correct equipment to prevent delays or cause others to be negatively impacted by your actions. You must arrive 30 minutes before matches.

3. Always respect the final decisions from the match officials. Please also remember that some of these match officials are under 18 and subject to safeguarding protocols. Match officials have the right to send off any player, coach, manager or spectator if they feel it is warranted.

4. Players should shake hands with opposition and referees at the end of each game. 

5. The club have ZERO tolerance to any form of disrespect, either to a player, coach, referee or spectator. The club has the right to remove players without a refund of season payments, if there has been poor behaviour. The club will review each case independently before making decisions.

6. Please remember to remain inside the designated spectator areas.


Teamwork is when a group of people work together to successfully complete a task. Teamwork must be promoted by everyone within the club, for the club to be successful.

1. Players should always train to the best of their abilities and help others in their development.

2. Applaud effort and good play for ALL players and not just those you are personally linked too (for example, spectators should always to cheer on and encourage all players and not just their own).


Fun is the feeling of being amused or entertained. Fun in football is a fundamental value for everyone which can be achieved if we all follow the four club values above.

1. Whilst sport is competitive, it must also remain fun. Parents / Guardians must allow their children to have fun first and remember that if their children are not enjoying themselves, should they continue?


2. HAVE FUN!!!

Membership Prices:

The club's season runs from 16th August 2024 - 08th June 2025 (Next AGM is on 09th June 2025).

Between June 09th 2025 and 17th August 2025, your manager / coach will be responsible for deciding the level of training, matches and fees. This is an opportunity for individual teams to raise funds directly for their teams and their players if they choose to do so. 

The club have set out the following fee schedule for the new season:

Fee Installments.jpg
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